Dual Code Inc. Releases PowerFlash Plus™ eLearning Service

Ottawa, Ontario, Canada - April 15, 2009. Dual Code Inc., a leading developer of custom, SCORM-compliant eLearning solutions, released today its much anticipated PowerFlash Plus™ eLearning service.

Much like the standard PowerFlash™ service, PowerFlash Plus converts existing training material, such as Microsoft® PowerPoint® files, to SCORM-compliant, multimedia eLearning modules with voice-overs. Courses developed via PowerFlash Plus also enjoy 3D avatars – animated characters with lip-synching capabilities – a feature not present in Dual Code’s regular PowerFlash service.

Avatars engage students by speaking, interacting, and helping guide the learning experience. These animated characters can be designed to resemble a real person within a company such as your CEO or instructor, your corporate mascot, an expert in the field, or simply an anonymous character. The personality is brought to life through visual impact, choice of language, attitude, and a real human voice.

Avatars can also inject humor in courses, which is extremely important with the ever-decreasing attention span of learners.

Not only are these animated characters cool, they’re also very effective. Studies show that using 3D avatars in eLearning modules increases course completion, learning, and retention.

“The overall cost of courses developed using the PowerFlash Plus service is very affordable when compared to other alternatives” stated Luc Richard, President and CEO of Dual Code. “The fact that our clients get to reuse their existing instructor-led training material saves them tens of thousands of dollars that would have otherwise been spent in the development of new material.”

PowerFlash Plus is the latest in a series of products and services released by Dual Code in an effort to provide the eLearning community with easy, affordable, and innovative online training solutions.

About Dual Code

Dual Code Inc. is a Business-to-Business (B2B) eLearning service provider based in Ottawa, Canada. We design, develop and host open-source learning management systems, web conferencing systems and custom eLearning courses for organizations looking to outsource or co-source their eLearning program. We also provide systems integration services to integrate our clients’ learning environment with third-party or internal systems. For further information about Dual Code, please visit www.dualcode.com or call 1.888.791.0791.