Our Story

In 2009, Dual Code was hired to install and configure a Moodle™ server for a national healthcare association that represents more than 135,000 Canadian healthcare workers. Moodle, with more than 200 million registered users, is the world's most popular open-source learning management system. Nevertheless, after a few weeks of usage, our healthcare client quickly realized that Moodle "out of the box" did not meet all of their needs and the association contracted us to enhance it.

After a few years of doing the same for dozens of other healthcare associations and hospitals across Canada, we came to a simple conclusion: Canadian healthcare organizations essentially have the same needs when it comes to a learning management system, and there aren't any systems available on the market that can meet those needs "out of the box". We therefore branched the Moodle project, enhanced it with the custom plugins and core enhancements we had developed over the last 7 years, and created an LMS designed specifically for the Canadian healthcare sector.

The response was better than expected! In less than a year, more than 1,000 healthcare sites across Canada adopted our solution to train their staff, physicians, volunteers and students. And they call it: the Healthcare Edition of Moodle.