Performance Appraisal System

The Dual Code Performance Appraisal System allows you to provide feedback to your employees. And because it is fully integrated with the Learning Management System, you are able to easily recommend courses to help them perform better.

General Features

Create Scales. Create your own scales to be used in your performance appraisal forms to rate users on competencies.

Define Competencies. Define a list of competencies, skills, and behaviours used to evaluate your staff. 

Build Forms. Build custom web forms to evaluate your staff based on specific competencies and to gather feedback, accomplishments, and objectives. 

Assign Appraisals. Automatically assign appraisals based on business rules such and send reminders to staff and their supervisors when appraisals are due.

Track Progress. Run reports to track progress and see where the appraisal for specific individuals is in the process.