The Open Collaboration Initiative™ (OCI) brings together local, regional, provincial and national healthcare organizations across Canada and connects them to facilitate the exchange of training material and learning records. By linking their learning management systems, these healthcare organizations can: 

  • Share training material with each other, for free or a fee 
  • Exchange learning records and proof of completion electronically 
  • Monetize their courses 
The OCI connects some of Canada’s largest research and teaching hospitals to hundreds of smaller hospitals, healthcare associations, primary care and community care providers.

The Benefits of OCI for Workers

The Open Collaboration Initiative™ (OCI) benefits workers by:

  • Keeping an electronic copy of all your learning records in one central location
  • Taking your learning records with you when you leave your employer
  • Forwarding your learning records to your employer and avoid the need to repeat courses when switching employers or working for multiple employers
  • Accessing courses from some of Canada’s largest research hospitals with your existing user account