Dual Code Inc. Recognized at the 2010 Bootstrap Awards

Ottawa, Ontario, Canada - February 12, 2010. Dual Code Inc., a leading developer of eLearning solutions, was rewarded with a third place finish at the 2010 Bootstrap awards hosted by Exploriem.org.

The Bootstrap Awards were established by Dr. Bruce Firestone, Executive Director of Exploriem.org, to recognize the achievements of self-starters in the Ottawa community - the people who are making the future happen, who are self-reliant and the foundation of the prosperity of our city. This event, which was sponsored by Carleton University's TIM program, Ernst & Young, OCRI and the Ottawa Chamber of Commerce, rewarded Dual Code with a bronze certificate for the "most innovative source of bootstrap capital".

"Dual Code is proud to have received this award" stated Luc Richard, President & CEO of Dual Code. "We would like to thank Carleton University's TIM program and Exploriem.org, and most particularly Dr. Michael Weiss and Dr. Bruce Firestone, for their continued involvement in Ottawa's entrepreneurial scene."

About Dual Code

Dual Code Inc. is a Business-to-Business (B2B) eLearning service provider based in Ottawa, Canada. We design, develop and host open-source learning management systems, web conferencing systems and custom eLearning courses for organizations looking to outsource or co-source their eLearning program. We also provide systems integration services to integrate our clients’ learning environment with third-party or internal systems. For further information about Dual Code, please visit www.dualcode.com or call 1.888.791.0791.