Dual Code Inc. Wins 40 Hospital Competition

Ottawa, Ontario, Canada - January 19, 2017. Dual Code Inc., a leading developer of Business-to-Business (B2B) eLearning solutions, continues to establish itself as a leader in the Canadian healthcare industry by signing an agreement covering 40 hospitals across Ontario. Combined, these hospitals train more than 200,000 physicians, nurses, volunteers, medical students, and other healthcare staff each year. 

"SAAS Learning Management Systems are now the foundation of online learning in hospitals, but most systems are not created with healthcare in mind" stated Cindy Plunkett, Project Manager of eLearning and Educational Technologies at Baycrest Health Sciences and Executive Director of Finance at the eLearning Alliance of Canadian Hospitals (eACH). "Dual Code's LMS, which is built on the world's most popular open-source learning management system, is the first eLearning solution designed specifically for the Canadian healthcare sector."

As a result of this competition, member hospitals of Plexxus, Shared Services West and Mohawk Shared Services can subscribe to Dual Code's award-winning LMS, which allows them to collaborate at various levels by exchanging digital content and learning records electronically.

"The platform allows each hospital to have their own LMS while enabling their learners to seamlessly access courses from other partner hospitals and healthcare agencies in the network" explains Allan Zahara, Director of Healthcare Solutions at Dual Code. "This means that a healthcare employee who works for a smaller hospital can access courses from a larger research hospital that specializes in mental health and addiction or geriatric care for example."

Dual Code President and CEO Luc Richard says that “Winning this highly competitive Request for Proposal is an achievement we are very proud of. Giving these 40 hospitals the ability to quickly and painlessly collaborate together is a success story that will save the industry a significant amount of money. We're hoping other hospital communities and shared services organizations will join this partnership and further enhance the collaboration across the Canadian healthcare sector.”

About Dual Code

Dual Code Inc. is a Business-to-Business (B2B) eLearning service provider based in Ottawa, Canada. We design, develop and host learning management systems and web conferencing systems based on open-source standards for healthcare organizations looking to outsource or co-source their eLearning program. We also provide systems integration services to integrate our clients’ learning environment with third-party or internal systems. For further information about Dual Code, please visit www.dualcode.com or call 1.888.791.0791.